Charity mission

Sharing happiness with others – we find our own ! This is our mission ! We want elderly lonely moms & dads, especially in nursing homes all over the world – feel that the world cares about them.



“Happy Space” has been finally opened

Now with a financial support of British Council in Ukraine we have implemented a “Happy Space” project for nursering home in Poltava, Ukraine. This is a decorated & furnished comfortable place for meetings with volunteers & children for lonely elderly people in a winter time. We want to create such “happy spaces” all over Ukraine & then next – all over the world to make lonely people happier !


How Angels Post Service Spreads All Over the World

Your Mom and Dad are closest persons in this world to you… Especially Your Mom. Where is she now? How long haven`t you seen her ?

Send her your Sincerest Gratitude by our “Mom, Thank You” post card. No matter where you are now & how busy you are at the moment – it costs 2 sentences and 3 dollarrs to send a post card. Do it right now! Life is too short, you never know how long you or your mom will live.

By sending a postcard to your mom – you help elderly people in nursery homes. Every one dollar  goes to people – dads and moms- who do not have sons and daughters. And live their live in loneliness. We are going to change that!

Your money will be invested by you into most precious years of the moms who do not have sons and daughters… or thos who are forgotten by them – we help moms in nursery homes all over the world – our SPECIAL MOMS and …, besides, dads too.

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A “Happy Space” project is supported by Active Citizens British Council in Ukraine