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Every gift, even the smallest, becomes a great gift if you give it with love. (W. Walcott)

On the eve of Easter, on Saturday, Association for the Multi-Family Families” AMMA “ handed gifts to participants of the social-cultural gift exchange project from the” Mail of the Angels “Gift Exchange.

14 high school students of the “AMMA” NGO prepared and handed gifts for high school students of the Kharkiv Specialized NvC 13, who also prepared special pleasures for teens.

We have somewhat simplified and unified the exchange process, so any organization from the city of Ukraine can now join (we recall that our project is international, so it is possible to exchange it with foreign partners) < / span>

The feature of our project is that the sender does not know who will receive his gift and that will come to him in response.

At this time, in the gift box gift box children put different sweets, toys, handmade products, books, as well as their warmth and sincere wishes to those addressed.

And they received not only a piece of heat from strangers, but also, exchanging contacts, found like-minded people and new friends, with whom, hopefully, warm and friendly relations will be established.

All participants in our exchanges are pleased with the process of giving, waiting and most importantly – personalized special gifts!

Thank you very much to the young participants and especially to the president of the AMMA’s Large Families Association Julia Ibrahim for trust and operational organization of the exchange.

You also want to join our cultural exchanges – write to us and we will send you a light instruction and registration form.

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